Our mission was to create an interactive website for Participant, a Californian B Corp film company, showcasing their 2022 Sundance Feature Film and SXSW Documentary for Descendants. We set our intention on crafting an immersive experience that empowered individuals to take action and support nonprofits in Mobile, Alabama, dedicated to preserving the rich history of their ancestors, combating environmental injustice, and driving economic transformation. Needless to say, this project had a purpose that we connected with and admired.

The opportunity was crystal clear: Leverage design to empower and encourage audiences to take action. For any business or even any goal in life, action is key. In this case, the action was to support nonprofits in Mobile, Alabama, fighting to preserve the history of their ancestors, fight environmental injustice, and spur economic development. Additionally, we made the website more captivating to attract potential partners to support Africatown community organizations. Descendant posed an excellent opportunity to truly use design to amplify voices that have been silenced.

Our collaboration with Participant on the interactive website for Descendants brought about remarkable results, filling our hearts and minds with pure joy. Let's take a glimpse into the outcomes we achieved together. Captivating Audiences Worldwide: Through our website design and strategic implementation, we contributed to Participant's growing newsletter, capturing the attention of eager audiences from all corners of the globe. People worldwide resonated with the mission to help Africatown, expressing their desire to get involved and make a positive difference. Unifying Partners and Sparking Collaboration: Building a vibrant and engaging website allowed us to witness something truly extraordinary. We helped Participant unite their partners, including renowned figures like Questlove, the Obamas, Clotilda Descendants Associations, Africatown Heritage Preservation Foundation, MEJAC, C.H.E.S.S., and Kinkofa. Together, we created a digital space where everyone could effortlessly talk about the film, share its inspiring details, and enthusiastically rally behind the cause. The website became a dependable hub that partners joyfully shared with audiences across the globe, spreading the film's important message far and wide. Conquering the Messaging Challenge: The journey wasn't without its hurdles, and tackling the messaging challenge was no exception. But with creativity and dedication, we triumphed, successfully conveying the film's crucial aspect. We brought to light the captivating story of a family that once profited from slavery and their current impact on Africatown—pollution and slow encroachment. Crafting an engaging narrative, we overcame this messaging challenge with a lighthearted touch, ensuring the film's integrity remained intact. More importantly, the website became a beacon of hope, inspiring action and support for community organizations, while tackling the messaging challenge with creativity and grace. The results achieved were a testament to the transformative power of brilliant design, bringing people together to create a brighter and more uplifting future for all.

Our collaboration with Participant created an engaging and visually appealing website that captivated global audiences, unified partners, conquered messaging challenges, and inspired action for the Africatown community organizations. This project was a celebration of unity, change-making, and transformative design.