Let’s discuss our venture in rebranding and standardizing DivInc - a tech accelerator for diverse founders that's making waves down in Texas! Our mission was to improve their overall branding and image in order to reach more diverse founders that are ready to launch their startups into the stratosphere. We were pumped to take on the challenge of revamping DivInc's brand and cranking up the volume on their reach. So buckle up and get ready for some rebranding magic!

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to give DivInc a rebrand that would elevate their image and expand their reach. As we worked on this project, we kept our focus on a founder-first approach, ensuring that DivInc's mission and values shined through in every aspect of their new look and feel. Introducing a brand that is more focused on founders can have a ripple effect, increasing impact and reach while also building equity for diverse founders

How have we shaken things up at DivInc? To kick things off, we made significant improvements to the quality of DivInc's applicants and streamlined their workflow. This not only saved their operations team time, but also made their internal team's jobs smoother and more efficient. It doesn't stop there! Our work with DivInc also led to a surge in co-branding demand. Partnerships are skyrocketing and everyone wants a piece of the action. We helped DivInc leverage their newfound weight in the industry, and the results are truly impressive. And speaking of impressive results, we also saw an immediate uptick in engagement and social sharing. The founder first branding has further developed DivInc into the family dynamic it truly encompasses. People are buzzing about DivInc, and we couldn't be happier about it. But perhaps most importantly, we were able to unite and inspire the DivInc team. Their internal mood towards the brand became confident and cohesive, and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of that transformation.

Our team was entrusted to take the DivInc brand to the next level through: brand strategy, website design, website development, content strategy, copywriting, and more. As a team who epitomizes diversity and inclusion, this project was rewarding on many levels. Throughout this process, we were able to grow as a team and connect deeper with our clients vision and mission.