When StepOutside approached us with their noble mission to enhance workplace engagement through nature, we embraced the opportunity with open arms (and hiking boots). Our goal was crystal clear: develop a brand identity that would resonate with both Fortune 500 companies and tech startups, creating a warm and inviting appeal. At the core of our mission with StepOutside was the extraordinary opportunity to ignite action among HR and Employee Wellness directors, driving a transformation in work efficiency through the power of nature. Our team wholeheartedly embraced the challenge, fueled by a deep passion for StepOutside's mission. We recognized the importance of crafting a brand that would encapsulate the essence of their vision while simultaneously standing out in a unique yet crowded market. We used our dedicated spirits and unwavering commitment to create a brand identity that would capture hearts and minds.

As each case study resembles, there were many opportunities here. We recognized the immense potential of StepOutside's unique approach to revolutionize workplaces across the country, and we eagerly embraced the chance to be a driving force in this movement (or walking force). Our vision extended beyond creating a visually appealing brand identity. We recognized a unique opportunity to maximize nature as a catalyst for team realignment and recalibration. Nature inherently is a maximalist! I mean just look at how many species of plants and animals exist in a single region, let alone the entire planet. We also saw an opportunity to create a comprehensive brand strategy that seamlessly incorporated elements of nature into team building and employee wellness programs. The goal here was to empower StepOutside to continue to stand out as a true industry leader. We have to thank Step Outside for the opportunity as it helped our team grow immensely. The innovative approach resonated with organizations seeking to build cohesive teams, nurture employee well-being, and create a positive work environment.

By seizing the opportunity to champion nature-based solutions, we positioned StepOutside as a trailblazer in the field and… drum roll please (insert drum roll sounds): Through our innovative branding strategies, StepOutside's brand awareness skyrocketed, capturing the hearts and minds of local communities and spreading its influence throughout the region. We're thrilled to have played a part in putting StepOutside on the map as a beacon of workplace transformation and well-being The design and branding magic our team pulled off even worked to seal the deal with the City of Austin, securing a prestigious government contract! From startups to city halls, StepOutside has become the go-to choice for those seeking a touch of nature's magic in their work environments. Let's not forget the icing on the cake—the trade for a trade, the partnership that made the world go round. With StepOutside, we formed a dynamic duo, combining our creative prowess with their unwavering passion. Together, we struck a harmonious balance, building a remarkable brand while forging a partnership that transcends the traditional client-agency relationship.

StepOutside's mission to enhance workplace engagement through nature sparked our own passion and creativity. We seized the opportunity, championing nature-based solutions and positioning them as trailblazers. Our innovative branding strategies skyrocketed their brand awareness as intended. We even sealed a deal with the City of Austin, proving our design magic works like a charm. This partnership, a trade for a trade, formed a dynamic duo that balanced creativity with unwavering passion. We're proud to have put StepOutside on the map as workplace transformers, forging a remarkable partnership along the way.